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Toshiba laptop batteries storage maintain skills, take out battery from your laptop, when you don't need use it. You can save the battery as good as new, even one year passed, maintenance method is as follows:
1. It is best to discharge battery power (or charge) to about 50% of electricity. In a cool place preservation, storage time longer time (45 to 60 day take out battery, the battery discharge to use electrical discharge up to 3%, and then turned off full charging.
2. The frequent use of the battery around 20-30 day when the battery in the inside of the 1 to complete charge and discharge time cycle, recover unnecessary capacity loss, keeping the battery.
3. Note: no matter how much discharge or charge batteries, once the charge or discharge end and turn to the next cycle by the charge transfer discharge (or by recharge) if I have finished one time charge or discharge cycle, battery cycle times have reduce one time, so don't charge and discharge at random.

The corporation's advancement is noted in the style and particulars of their products, such as their own laptop batteries. Toshiba notebook batteries are well-known to be extremely long lasting and effective, and have got an prolonged shelf-life. offers all kinds of Toshiba laptop batteries for Toshiba Tecra Satellite Qosmio Portege Mini Equium Libretto Dynabook series, you can choose the proper battery for your notebook, we also advise to backup second Toshiba laptop battery. Please press Ctrl+F and input your laptop model or parts number, find what you want fast.

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