External Batteries

When talking with a VIP customer, when you're on the train, the wild, the mountains, even enjoying a film, your mobile phone battery power life is run out, but you are not in office and home, how to do? External Battery can help you solve power life problem. It is a portable mobile power supply bank and provide backup power for various mobile devices on the market, including iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 5S, 4S/4G/3Gs/3G, MP3, MP4, MP5, PSP, Smartphone tablet, Samsung Galaxy III, Samsung Galaxy Note, Blackberry, HTC Android Phones, Nintendo DSi/DSl, Sony PSP, Kindle e-reader, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface… The lightweight and compact Portable Power Bank allows you to take the mini power source in your pocket. Toss your various chargers and cables away! Fully enjoy your mobile gadgets without worrying about power off. All you need to do is plugging in! So easy!

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